SAB D-FA 70-90-110-130-160 TL


The SAB sandwich panels D-FA 70.1000 TL up to D-FA 160.1000 are now available with an FM Approval

The SAB FA panel range offers you a certified FM Approved sandwich panel. The SAB D-FA 70.1000 TL is certified for fire properties only (FM standard 4880, interior only), the D-FA 90 up to D-FA 160 are also certified for wind load and hail resistance (FM standards 4880, 4881 and 4471)

When you choose for SAB sandwich panels with an FM approval, you choose for certainty and a product that meets the strict performance criteria of FM Global.

The FM Approval is only issued by FM Global, the world's largest insurer of industrial buildings. To limit the risk of damage, FM has its own test facilities in the USA to assess and certify construction products for, among other things, wind, hail and fire. SAB can also supply various deep deck profiles with an FM approval for FM standard 4451.

Type Ribbing  Thickness* Weight** U Max. Length
  TL     mm kg/m2 W/m2K m
SAB D-FA 70.1000*** o    40/70 10,2 0,46 25,0
SAB D-FA 90.1000 o   60/90  11,0 0,32 25,0
SAB D-FA 110.1000 o     80/110  11,8 0,25  25,0
SAB D-FA 130.1000 o 100/130 12,6 0,20 25,0
SAB D-FA 160.1000 o     130/160  13,7 0,16  25,0

*  Core thickness / Total thickness
** Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.55 and 0.40 mm, other (thicker) gauges are also possible
*** Only valid for FM standard 4880 interior.