SAB D 70-90-110-130-160 TL (New)


Roofing panels with trapezoidal sheeting on the outside, from our recently opened factory in Geldermalsen.

You can find our roofing panels TL from Nieuwegein in the thicknesses 75, 95, 115, and 135 mm, on this page.

The standard stacking of roofing panels in a pack is A/B/A/B, which results in no deformation and more panels to fit in one pack. On request it is possible to stack panels A/A for montaging with a vacuum lifting device. 

Type Ribbing  Thickness* Weight** U
  TL     mm kg/m2 W/m2K
SAB D 70.1000 o    40/70 9,76 0,46
SAB D 90.1000 o   60/90  10,56 0,32
SAB D 110.1000 o     80/110  11,36  0,25 
SAB D 130.1000 o 100/130 12,16  0,20
SAB D 160.1000 o     130/160  13,28  0,16 

Maximum length: 25 metres

*)  Core thickness/ Total thickness
**) Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.50 and 0.40 mm, other gauges are also possible.