SAB D 70-90-110-130-160 TL New


Roofing panels with trapezoidal (T) sheeting on the outside, from our recently opened factory in Geldermalsen.

Type Ribbing  Thickness* Weight** U Max. Length
  TL     mm kg/m2 W/m2K m
SAB D 70.1000 o    40/70 9,7 0,46 25,0
SAB D 90.1000 o   60/90  10,5 0,32 25,0
SAB D 110.1000 o     80/110  11,3 0,25  25,0
SAB D 130.1000 o 100/130 12,1 0,20 25,0
SAB D 160.1000 o     130/160  13,2 0,16  25,0

*  Core thickness / Total thickness
** Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.50 and 0.40 mm, other gauges are also possible.

A cutback is possible for panels with a minimum length of 2,600 mm + the length of the cutback, on request it can be a minimum of 50 mm and a maximum of 300 mm.

The standard stacking of these roofing panels in a pack is A/B/A/B, which results in no deformation and more panels to fit in one pack. On request it is possible to stack the panels A/A/A/A for mounting with a vacuum lifting device.