Roofing panels

The excellent properties of the PIR panels of SAB are also ideal for use on roofs. Depending on the insulation that you desire, they contribute to creating a more energy-efficient building.

Roofing panels can be delivered with a thickness of 70 mm to 160 mm. New are the panels with SL and TL sheeting from our new production facility in Geldermalsen. 

When using coated steel panels in roofing applications SAB recommends a minimum roof pitch of at least 10 degrees and a coating system with a minimum thickness of 35 µm.

SAB D 70-90-110-130-160 TL (New)

Roofing panels with trapezoidal sheeting on the outside, from our recently opened factory in Geldermalsen.

SAB D 83-120-160 SL (New)

New from our recently opened factory in Geldermalsen: Roofing Panels with 40-mm corrugated sheeting on the outside.

SAB D 75-95-115-135 TL

The roofing panels from SAB are available in different thicknesses, from 75 mm to 135 mm.