SAB WB 100-120-140-FR


Our SAB WB FR panels with secret fixing guarantee a fire-resistance of at least 30 minutes. The panels have the same characteristics and ribbing possibilities as the standard SAB WB series.

The fire-resistant SAB WB panels are applied vertically, with joint stitching every 333mm,  and come in 3 possible ribbings: LL, M8L and M16L.

For the new factory in Geldermalsen, our sandwich panels have been completely redesigned. The joint has been optimised for fire, wind and water resistance. The seal in the joint is easily compressed and provides an airtight seal under the slightest compression. Our panels can be provided with a foodsafe coating for applications in the food processing industry.

Type** Thickness Weight* U Max. Length
  mm kg/m2 W/m2K m
SAB WB 100.1000-FR 100  12,1  0,21 16,0 
SAB WB 120.1000-FR 120  12,9  0,18  16,0 
SAB WB 140.1000-FR 140 13,7 0,15 16,0

* Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.50 and 0.40 mm
** Joint stitching every 333 mm


Profilings Sandwich panels SAB LL M8L M16L

Joint Details

SAB WB Geldermalsen Detail Voeg