Sandwich panels

These pages provide a comprehensive list of the options of the PIR-foam range of SAB sandwich panels. The panels are classified in two groups roof and wall applications

Characteristics of sandwich panels

  • Suitable for extrenal walls, partition walls and roofs
  • Prefabricated building elements for rapid and problem-free installation with minimal of risk on the building site
  • Their light weight of between 12 and 16 kg/m2 also means that constructions and foundations can be relatively light
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • All PIR-foam panels supplied by SAB-profiel are free of fiber and hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC’s)
  • PIR-foam sandwich elements fall into category B-s2,d0 according to the EN 13501-1 standard.
  • Fire-resistant 30 minutes for SAB WB EW30 and SAB W EI30
  • Available in a wide range of coatings and colours
  • Optically smooth appearance thanks to the special ribbing
  • Simple attachment to the load-bearing structure enables easy and inexpensive extension of the building
  • Extended guarantees on the load-bearing capacity and life

Sandwich panel insulation

The interior and exterior skins of a sandwich panel do not touch, this eliminates cold-bridging and results in superior thermal insulation. The sound insulation properties of PIR-foam panels are also excellent at approximately 26 dB. Most sandwich panels are fitted with an air tigth seal in the joint as standard.

Protective film on sandwich panels

All sandwich panels are delivered with a protective film on the exterior skin. Should you require extra protection, then order the option of also having film applied to the inner skin.


When selecting sandwich panels please take into account: the loading, safety class and deflection requirements, and consult  for technical information the Product Services department on: +31(0)30 68 79 700. If you wish to deviate from the recommended maximum lengths, please contact the Sales department on : +31(0)30 68 79 700 or send an email via contact.

In the past we have offered also RockPro mineral wool panels, but from January 2012 we no longer produce these type of panels. We also don't deliver mineral wool panels of Monopanel anymore. 

Wall panels WB and W

The PIR-foam panels for walls and facades supplied by SAB are characterised by a combination of high insulation values and low weight.

Wall panels Carrier

The PIR-foam SAB-Carrier panels for walls and facades supplied by SAB are characterised by a combination of high insulation values and low weight. Together with a second layer of profiled sheets you can design and make the nicest buildings.

Wall panels FA

In this part an overview of the sandwich panels SAB FA, which are certified with an FM Approval.

Fireproof PIR-panels (FR-series)

This page presents an overview of the SAB sandwich panels with fire-resistant (FR-series) qualities EW30 / EW60 / EI30 / EI15.

Roofing panels

The excellent properties of the PIR panels of SAB are also ideal for use on roofs. Depending on the insulation that you desire, they contribute to creating a more energy-efficient building.

Stacking & processing

Products customized specifically for the building project help to achieve a smooth and efficient construction process. SAB-profiel offers a number of possibilities for further customisation and packaging (stacking) of sandwich panels.