Shallow deck profiles

If you are working on an application for which heat insulation is not required, then SAB also has the right single skin roof decking profile or shallow deck roof for you. They are designed for mounting on inclined or round roofs.

List of SAB single skin roof decking 

On the following pages you can find a list of all the single skin roof decking or shallow deck roofing in the large SAB range. We have three types of sinusoidal roof claddings, the 18/988, 27/1000 and 42/960, and the trapezoidal roof claddings from the 19KD/1050 till the highest cladding 58KD/945-s. The trapezoidal single skin roof decking profiles have broad valleys for a quick and easy drainage. Because these roof profiles are most of the time applied singular without insulation, the claddings get an anti-condensation foil on the inside, so the condense won’t drip down.

Single skin roof decking are next to that also frequently applied in a façade as alternative for a trapezoidal wall cladding. A good example of this application are the two halls from Hollandia in Krimpen aan de IJssel. You can call SAB +31 (0)30 68 79 700 for advice and extra information.

At every product the recommended maximum length is mentioned, which SAB can produce for you without any problems.