Deep deck profiles FA

Some of the SAB deep decking profiles are available as FM Approved.

List of SAB Deep deck profiles FA

This section lists the SAB deep deck profile, which are certified with an FM Approval Standard 4451.

With the SAB FA trapezoidal deep deck profiles you have a certified FM Approved roof profile. In the whole world, great importance is attached to this quality mark by building owners, real estate developers, architects, etc. Certainly for distribution buildings or large production facilities, this has almost become a standard requirement and is then included and prescribed in the building specifications of the facade and now also for the roof of a newly developed building. The FM Approval is only issued by FM Global. This is the largest industrial building insurer worldwide, offering global certifications for industrial and commercial products and testing through FM approvals. FM Global has its own test facilities in America to independently assess and certify construction products for wind, hail and fire, among other things. The SAB FA decking profiles have undergone a series of rigorous structural and fire performance tests in America. In addition, extensive and continuous quality controls take place at the profiles production location of SAB. SAB can supply various high roof profiles with an FM certificate for FM standard 4451.

The most popular heights for large spans, such as the 135R/930, 153R/840, 158R/750 and the 200R/750, are available as deep deck profile FA. Each product has the maximum recommended length, which SAB can make for you without any problems. 

For mounting with a vacuum lifter, we can also turn the bundles for you, so that all profiles come on site with the A-side up.

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