Roof decking

At SAB we want to deliver a complete solution. Therefore, if you have selected the correct materials for the wall, you can also extend the same quality to the roof. The wide range encompasses both cold and warm roof cladding.

Find the right structural roof decking for your roof here at SAB:

Deep deck profiles

We have a broad range deep deck profiles for flat roofs. They are available in numerous design and lengths, up to maximum 27 meters for fast and safe work.

Deep deck profiles FA

Some of the SAB deep decking profiles are available as FM Approved.

Shallow deck profiles

If you are working on an application for which heat insulation is not required, then SAB also has the right single skin roof decking profile or shallow deck roof for you. They are designed for mounting on inclined or round roofs.

Processing, foil & film

Here you can find an overview of all of the additional processes, such as perforating, crimping , smooth curving, that you can have on the profiled cladding. There is also information about the usage and application of protective film and anti-condensation foil.