For extra functionality or aid, which you can use during the construction or the maintenance of a building, are a lot of accessories available.

The finishing touch

For most options below, we refer directly to the suppliers. Ask our sales or product services department for more information: +31 (0) 30 68 79 700. Below is a list of accessories that provide additional functionality or can be used during construction or maintenance:

Translucent cladding and panels

For many of our products we can supply translucent cladding in a range of qualities. When installing these products, it is important to ensure a minimum pitch of 10 degrees and a watertight seal at the overlaps. We can supply matching double-walled panels in polyester or polycarbonate for our sandwich roofing panels. Please contact our sales department for more information: +31(0)30 68 79 700.

Channel fillers

Channel fillers are used for the channels of perforated warm roof cladding to improve sound absorption and airborne sound insulation.

Profile fillers

Profile fillers are used to seal off channels or profiled cladding on ridge pieces and gutters and where profiled wll cladding connects with flashings.

Fall protection systems

Special anchors have been developed for SAB-profiel roof products. These anchors are part of a cable-supported fall arrest system, which offers continuous protection for people working at heights. The system has been tested and approved for use on both warm and cold profiled roofing cladding and sandwich roofing panels. Please request more information from our Product Services department: +31 (0)30 68 79 700.