Colorcoat guarantees, datasheets and maintenance

Confidex & guarantees

Need a guarantee?

It’s not necessary to ask us for every guarantee. For Colorcoat® Polyester (10 year on wall), Colorcoat® PVDF (12 year on wall) and Colorcoat® SDP 35 (15 year wall and roof) you can download a standard product performance guarantee below. See also the table at the colorcoat page.

For applications with Colorcoat Prisma®and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® you can ask for a Tata Steel Confidex® guarantee. This is only possible through the online requestform. NOTE: to fill in the online requestform you need a 10 digit Tata Steel coilnumber. This number can be found on your SAB invoice.

All conditions (limitations and exclusions) can be read here.
Perforated material is excluded from Confidex Guarantee. You can then request a Statement of Performance (in advance), see Word document below.

Datasheets Colorcoat

Colorcoat Prisma and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra have no separate data sheets. Hence, a more detailed (technical) brochure is included for these products.

Colorcoat maintenance

Maintenance brochures for Colorcoat and Advantica L Control.