All products by SAB-profiel, e.g. sandwich panels, roof and facade profiles and liner trays are durable, long lasting and are 100% recyclable. But there is more.

Energy efficient

For PIR sandwich panels the insulation PIR is directly applied between the steel plates without cold bridges, but also in the use of roof and façade profiles (and liner trays for walls) in combination with insulating materials such as glass wool or rock wool, the total heat insulation is very well. It is simply to achieve an u-value of 0,27 W/m²K. Depending on the requirements of the building owner you  can choose different insulation thicknesses for example for SAB sandwich panels 150 mm thick even give an u-value of 0,14 W/m² K .

Long life

When you choose the SAB products with Colorcoat Prisma® and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® it is possible to apply a Confidex® Guarantee of respectively 30 and even 40 years. You are then free for the entire warranty of annual inspection and maintenance obligations. This is also even more safe and less expensive in time.

Little waste and maximum recycling

On site, all SAB products are assembled with screws and are completely removable. During the lifetime is a building with relatively simple means to adapt to a different function. This increases the life of the building as a whole. Due to the low weight of sandwich panels and corrugated steel sheet is sufficient light construction and foundation. Because the steel products are recycled after demolition, is the amount of demolition nil. The steel can be used as raw material instead of being discarded. Steel can be recycled over and over again because no decline in properties or performance.

Environmental Management System - ISO 14001 and BES 6001

SAB thereby also implements growing demand from the market for environmentally conscious manufacturing and construction. In the construction sector is reflected in this include various environmental certificationslabels and rating systems forbuildings such as BREEAM.

The Environmental policy of SAB-profiel is aimed at recognizing environmental issues, managing it, and where possible reduce the polluting effects that entails the production of roof and facade profile sheets and sandwich panels. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including a minimum starting point.

To secure the environmental awareness permanently SAB has an Environmental Management System designed to the requirements of ISO 14001 standard. The achieved certificate ISO 14001 is therefore here to download from the website. We also have a BES 6001 certificate.