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A ‘very good’ BES-6001 classification for SAB-profiel and your BREEAM score

Increasingly more companies are choosing a sustainable building, for instance, one with a BREEAM certificate. It is therefore important to show that construction materials are sustainable. SAB-profiel has taken a major step in this direction: starting this month, the BES-6001:2008 certification method substantiates the origin of our products. SAB-profiel achieved the score of ‘very good’. Within a Dutch BREEAM project this gives the maximum number of points in the MAT 5 category ‘responsible sourcing of materials’.

BES-6001 is a certification method developed by BRE England that focuses on the responsible sourcing of materials. For producers of construction material, this is the generally accepted standard for assessing sustainability. It therefore focuses on the operational processes of the producer, such as purchasing and production, but also on the sustainability of the chain. It can be compared to the more familiar FSC for wood. The results of the BES-6001 standard underpin the sustainability calculations for buildings, such as BREEAM. You will shortly be able to download the SAB-profiel’s BES-6001 certificate here.

Colorcoat Steel CoilsThe standard covers subjects including safety, the environment, employee training, anti-corruption and sustainable procurement. All of which are ecological and social aspects of our operational process. For instance, the application procedure revealed what we already do with respect to recycling and the reduction of waste. However, subjects including our sponsorship of events in the area around the town of IJsselstein and our contribution to the construction of schools in developing countries were also discussed during the audit. Via Tata Steel we can trace the origin of our steel; For every coil we use in our products, we know exactly which production process is used to produce it, starting with the raw ore.

Certificates that SAB achieved earlier support BES-6001: the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and many others. You can also download these from the website. The origin of the steel is specified in the Tata Steel certificates. Tata Steel Nederland received the steel production certificate at the same time that SAB received its certificate. Tata Steel Colors, the producer of Colorcoat Prisma® and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® in England received the certificate in 2014.

Steel as roofing or cladding is a sustainable choice, in part due to the possibility for upcycling. This material also gives a good score within BREEAM. Do you have (with respect to the BREEAM process) specific questions about the sustainability of SAB products? Then contact our Product Services department via the email address info@sabprofiel.nl.

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