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BNA Best Building of 2017

How do architects use steel profile and panels? On Friday 19 May, the Dutch architects association (Branchevereniging voor Nederlandse Architectenbureaus - BNA) announced the building that had won the best building of the year award, the architecture award. The buildings submitted for the award once more included those in which steel profile and panels play a significant role. These buildings give an impression of the way in which the products are currently being used. These applications are very varied, ranging from the largest to the smallest of buildings and from an iconic element to an invisible structural member.

Of course, the most striking are the large projects that use lots of sheet material - including facade cladding. De Meent in Alkmaar is an excellent example of a sports complex where cladding has been used. This building required around 10,000 m2 of cladding and warm roof cladding. The greyish-white trapezium-shaped SAB 35/1035 panels give a ripple effect to the rounded and arched forms. Cladding was also used for the Koopman International building in Amsterdam where the decision was made to use a system of liner trays covered with SAB PO 23/250 plank panels in Colorcoat Prisma® Sirius.

Sportcomplex De Meent Alkmaar foto: Ossip van Duivenbode via BNA"De Meent" building in Alkmaar (Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode / © VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism)

On our website, we have previously highlighted the MFA Hart van Meerdervoort building in Zwijndrecht and the Stadsdeelwerf building in Amsterdam South (in Dutch). In these buildings, the architects consciously experimented with the look that steel panels provide. The architects of the Stadsdeelwerf building concentrated on the robust appearance, in contrast, the focus for the MFA Hart van Meerdervoort building was elegance – with its SAB-Pyramid panels in Colorcoat Prisma® Ephyra.

Zwijndrecht MFA Hart van MeerdervoortThe MFA Hart van Meerdervoort building in Zwijndrecht (Photo: Dion de Bakker)

For the smaller buildings, the steel sheets are possibly the most dominant aspect of the design. This can be clearly seen in the Havenkantoor (harbour office) in Elburg and Villa Sterkenburg in Driebergen. Both projects have relatively large roofs that are covered in steel panels, SAB 106R+/750 perforated steel deck in Elburg and SAB 27/1000 sinusoidal profile in Driebergen. 

Elburg Havengebouw foto via BNA Ruud PloegThe "Havengebouw" building in Elburg. (Photo: Ruud Ploeg / © 19 het atelier architecten)

Deep deck profiles are not designed for their aesthetic appearance, but these profiles are currently frequently used for aesthetic reasons. This is certainly the case for the Sint Lucas building in Eindhoven. The steldeck has a prominent position in the multifunctional central building. Steel profiles have also been used for the other ceilings in the building: SAB 18/988 perforated sinusoidal pofiles in RAL 9006. Steel has also been used for the facade, steel sandwich panels in Colorcoat Prisma® Black-grey and Denim, but these are concealed as they are used to carry other elements. 

SintLucas EindhovenSintLucas, Eindhoven (Photo: Jannes Linders / © architectenbureau cepezed b.v)

Other submitted buildings that use steel decking visibly are Sportpark Willem Alexander in Schiedam, the 4th Gymnasium in Amsterdam and the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden. However, steel decks are not usually a visible aspect, even though they make an important contribution to a building. This is the case for the Albert Heijn building in Brielle, where the roof decking is located under the special green roof and at the Revitalisatie Adelante building in Hoensbroek, where it is used in the roof of the swimming pool.

Brielle Albert Heijn LuchtfotoThe Albert Heijn building in Brielle (Photo: Wilco Blok / © Studio Architecture)

A project that deserves special mention is the Energy Academy Europe (EAE) on the Zernike in Groningen. The solar stack, which is part of the building, is decked with a few hundred m2 of roofing cladding SAB 19/1050 and sandwichpanels SAB D 115.1000 TL and , in Colorcoat® HPS Ultra Anthracite. Last March, the building was awarded a BREEAM Award. Here the cladding and panels are also concealed, even so, they still make an important contribution: the solar stack makes a substantial contribution to the energy efficiency of the building; here the use of the colour black was essential.

More information can be found on the Dutch website "BNA Beste Gebouw van het Jaar" (Dutch)

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