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SAB News 2016

21 april 2016 | The Body & Fit extension: The shading effect of pyramid profiles perfected

An even flatter and smoother façade, concealed doors, lighting, emergency overflows and roof trim. When extending Body & Fit in the Frisian town of Heerenveen (NL), no detail that could be improved was overlooked. A number of great details were added too, such as the pyramid-profile façade cladding, which extends from the outside of the building inside. Architect Jouke de Vries uses steel profiled cladding and shows his expertise in the achievement of special details.

21 april 2016 | Preservation station for ship from the Hanze era

In the Middle Ages, the Dutch town of Kampen was part of the German Hanseatic League. A shipwreck from the time was recovered last month: a so-called cog ship. Given its historical value, it was decided to preserve the wooden hull of the ship in a special shed built especially for this purpose: the IJsselkogge preservation station. The walls of this shed are made from SAB sandwich panels.

21 april 2016 | Audit ISO 14001 and ISO 9001

Following an interim audit end of last year, SAB has now had its ISO 14001 certification extended. The TÜV auditors evaluated the environmental measures put in place at SAB as positive. SAB-profiel has an efficient and effective environmental management system.

21 april 2016 | Online order form and mySAB

Do you want to order panels and profiles quickly and easily online? Use mySAB to place your orders. Regular SAB-profiel customers can request an account via our Sales Department.

21 april 2016 | SAB Product selector 2016

The SAB Product Selector has been updated and now contains the very latest products and information (the updated U- values of sandwich panels, for example). The new SAB Product selector also contains the latest product introductions, for products like the SAB W 135.1020 TL panel, the SAB-Carrier panel and the SAB B140/600 structural liner tray.

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