The firm foundation of SAB-profiel products

A range of materials is used for SAB-profiel products. Dependent on the application, we work with galvanised steel, Aluzink, stainless steel or aluminium (coated or uncoated). All of our materials are supplied according to the applicable European standards. Underneath you can read more about the differences and similarities.

Galvanised steel

The basis for all types of precoated steel is the steel itself. As the basic material, SAB-profiel uses continuously galvanized steel (also called: Sendzimir), MagiZinc®, Aluzink and Zink-Aluminium (Galvalloy®). The steel varieties can be supplied in qualities S280GD and S320GD (and partly in S350GD). Depending on the quality selected. the zinc layer varies between 70 and 275 gr/m². SAB-profiel supplies these materials in accordance with NEN-EN standards 10143,10326 and 10327. Uncoated, galvanised materials (or with an interior coating) are not suitable for exterior applications, with exception of Aluzink 185 gr/m².

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is available as standard in the thicknesses 0.70 and 0.80 mm in the quality 14301. This quality is solely available with a 2B-finish. Protective film is applied  to both sides of the material. Just a limited number of profile sheet products are made in stainless steel (see the S icon for these products). The stainless steel complies with the EN 10088-2 standards. Other thicknesses and alloys may be supplied on request. 


Aluminium is available as standard in the thickness 0.80 mm, and is supplied in the form of EN AW-3105 alloy (AlMn 0.5 Mg 0.5). Aluminium will be supplied with a polyester coating in the colour RAL 9006 (see our coatings). The aluminium complies in accordance with the applicable European EN 485 standard. Other coatings, colours and thicknesses may be supplied on request.