Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra

Many colours in stock as standard

SAB supplies the majority of the Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® colours as standard in the Benelux. These are the 26 most popular colours. One or more thicknesses of all of these colours can be ordered directly. 

The less-frequently used Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra colours are available on request for a surcharge. Do you want to use a non-standard colour in a project? Please contact our sales department for more information about pricing and planning. +31 (0) 30 68 79 700.

You can find an overview of the standard and non-standard Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra colours:

  • in a table in the PDF download “Standard colours per product”
  • in the digital PDF download 'Standard colours and thicknesses of Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra'
  • in the digital colour samples at the bottom of this page (see tooltips)

Briefly, the non-standard colours include:
In the Classic series: Burano, Jade, Petra and Terracotta
In the Signature series: Marlstone, Mole Brown, Moorland Green, Straw, Svelte Grey 
In the Matt series: Alaska Grey Matt, Green Grey Matt, Oxidised Matt and Terracotta Matt


The colours are classified in three Colorcoat series, Classic, Signature and Matt, and are arranged alphabetically by name. In the overview below, you can easily see whether SAB supplies the colour of your choice as standard. Hover over a colour sample to see the tooltip with the name of the colour and the thickness that SAB supplies as standard. Other thicknesses can be supplied on request and for a surcharge. Colours that SAB does not have in its product range as standard are only supplied on request and for a surcharge. This is shown along with the name of the colour.


Signature Colours