Colorcoat PVDF

Colorcoat® PVDF: versatile and flexible

Colorcoat® PVDF is a coating based on polyvinyl difluoride and other binding agents. Because the properties of the coating are, to a large degree, dependant on the amount of polyvinyl difluoride, SAB-profiel has chosen a high percentage of between 70% and 80%. To guarantee a long-lasting, attractive appearance our PVDF coatings are elastic, strong and resistant to solvents, chemicals and UV radiation. This coating is extremely suitable for use in non-corrosive (exterior) environments.

You can download a standard product performance guarantee (pdf 38kB) of 12 years on a wall application (> 10 km from the coast).

Available colours

The displayed colors differ from reality and serve as a guideline only. If in doubt about color and gloss color order a representative sample through the contact page. For an impression you can also watch the download of the SAB Colorcoat Color chart (pdf 1.5 MB) . 

A few colours (RAL 7016, RAL 9006, RAL 9007) are available on stock, see below. All other RAL colours on request.